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A Brief History Of The Home: Post War (1945-Present)

The last 70 years have seen architecture develop with unprecedented imagination. Of course, the modern started back in the late C.19th and, following the horrific hiatus of WWII, Le Corbusier’s Cité radieuse (Marseille, 1952, and the first of his Unités d’habitation), re-energised and re-asserted the movement. From that point, (nearly) anything went…

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27 Chapel Of St Mary Undercroft House Of Parliament 2

I was there…The House of Commons, the Prime Minister and Marble Toilets…

There are around 200 toilets in the Houses of Parliament and, as befits their eminent users, those that were part of Barry’s original plan are extraordinarily lavish and feature luxurious marble panelling…

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A Brief History Of The Home: Art Deco and The 1930s (1918-1939)

Just as the swinging sixties was closure for WWII, so Art Deco was for WWI. There are relatively few pure Art Deco houses and the movement’s impact on our domestic architecture was more as an influence than a rigid template. Indeed, the two main influences during this period are seemingly at odds: Art Deco, determined to machine a new future […]

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I was there…The Great Storm at Polesden Lacey

During the 1980s, we were regulars at the National Trust property, Polesden Lacey working our way through three separate contracts…

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A Brief History Of The Home: Victorian and Edwardian (1837 -1918)

This period encompasses several iconic styles and architectural movements. While it is in the great state and municipal buildings that these shifts in design, taste and approach can be most immediately discerned, they are also clearly evident in domestic architecture…

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Wembley Way2 430x280

I was there…Wembley Stadium

Professionally, there is nothing sadder than seeing a building disappear on which you’ve previously worked. And for me that means the loss of Wembley’s two famous Twin Towers that were demolished in 2003 to make way for the new stadium…

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Battersea Main

I was there… Battersea Power Station

Back in the late sixties when I was only just in long trousers, we lived opposite a rather fierce single lady who taught at my school. She had a son who was a good friend, an Old English sheepdog whose breath suggested it was keeping something dead in its mouth and a gentleman caller (I think that’s what my parents […]

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