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614px Westminster Abbey By Canaletto 1749

My Favourite Buildings…Westminster Abbey

“The general aspect of this structure is grand in the extreme—perhaps not to be surpassed by any Gothic edifice in the kingdom; whilst in its details it presents a rich field of beautiful variety, almost every period of Gothic architecture being illustrated in one part or other.” Walter Thornbury, ‘Westminster Abbey: The Church Building’ (1878) There are few buildings in […]

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I was there… The House that John Lennon Bought – and Sold

Most Georgian country houses are known for their architecture and gardens – their previous occupants too unremarkable for either history to remember them or for us to take more than a passing interest. Some properties, though, are actually famous simply because of the people who made them their home. Properties like Tittenhurst Park…

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St Enodocs Church Trebetheric Cornwall 01

My Favourite Building… St Enodoc’s Church, Trebetherick

Come on! Come on! This hillock hides the spire, Now that one and now none. As winds about The burnished path through lady’s-finger, thyme, And bright varieties of saxifrage, So grows the tinny tenor faint or loud All all things draw toward St. Enodoc. Come on! Come on! and it is five to three.   Still, Come on! come on! […]

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