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Ribblehead Viaduct 3

My Favourite Buildings…Ribblehead Viaduct, North Yorkshire.

The competition between construction and the countryside is often contentious but sometimes the two come together so harmoniously that you can’t imagine one without the other. Indeed, on these rare occasions the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. If you’re doubtful, visit the stunning Ribblehead Viaduct in North Yorkshire and you’ll discover that sticking 1.5 million […]

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Crossness Pumping Station

My Favourite Buildings…Crossness Pumping Station, Abbey Wood, London.

The Victorians, blessed with the control of a rich, global economy, housed their world-leading – and world-beating – engineering in buildings of uncompromised architectural brilliance. While today money is rarely spent on adorning buildings that have only been built to perform a commercial or industrial function, the Victorians’ sense of architecture, design and ornament extended across anything and everything they […]

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The Chrysler Building

My Favourite Buildings…The Chrysler Building, NYC.

Tallest building in the world from 1930 to 1931 Still the world’s tallest steel-frame, brick-clad building First man-made structure to stand taller than 1,000 feet Cost: $15 million Sold by Walter Chrysler in the mid 1950s Floors: 77 Floor area: 1,195,000 sq. ft. Elevators: 34 3,826,000 hand-laid bricks 391,881 rivets Voted New York’s favourite tower by 100 architects, builders, critics, […]

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