We will not pretend our work has no environmental impact. Of course it does. But we do minimise that impact…

True Sustainability

What is environmentally preferable: sustain a failing building through remedial work or let nature and time take their course until it becomes a redundant shell or pile of rubble? We believe nothing is more sustainable than extending the life of something already built and capable of serving its purpose long into the future. So, if we are working on a Grade 1 listed building and need to replace, say, a section of Carrera marble, then we will use (as we have to) stone imported from the Italian quarry. But while even that little lump of marble will have a disproportionate carbon footprint, it will be good long into the future.

No Invasive Chemicals

All the chemicals we recommend are designed to be biodegradable and animal and human friendly in use.

Minimising Our Carbon Footprint

In addition:

  • We don’t waste energy – environmental impact aside, it’s too expensive
  • We choose locally quarried stone and locally sourced materials when we have the option
  • The traditional techniques we favour are inherently benign
  • We always establish and promote the lowest-impact solution


So, yes, we have a carbon footprint. But that footprint is minimised and then amortised over the decades – centuries – of additional life we give to the buildings, homes, statues and other landmarks on which we work.

And, of course, we will gladly provide an Environmental Impact and Sustainability Statement for your work if requested.