Brick Tinting & Colour Matching


A highly effective, and cost-effective, technique of applying coloured pigments to match the colour of one area of brickwork to another or to another specified colour…

The popularity of Brick Tinting & Colour Matching is growing as people realise just how reliable, effective and cost-effective it is. The three main uses are:

  • Matching new brickwork to the original – for example, on an extension or when areas of brickwork have had to be replaced
  • Covering discrepancies between different batches of brick on new builds
  • Changing the colour of brickwork for purely aesthetic reasons

The Benefits of Our Brick Tinting & Colour Matching Treatments

  • We always apply the treatment to a 1m2 test patch before proceeding
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Colours are individually matched and adjusted during application
  • They’re hand applied with brushes, brick by individual brick
  • Bespoke pigments are hand-mixed by us on site
  • The pigments and other ingredients are chemically safe to humans and pets
  • The treatments are breathable and so won’t damage the brickwork
  • They are permanent and weather naturally at the same rate as the original brickwork
  • They preserve original features
  • They improve the kerbside appeal of your property – and can add value
  • They are fully guaranteed for the life of the brick


As for bricks, so for mortar…
Using coloured mortar goes as far back as the Roman times where different types of sandy Volcanic ash would be added to slaked lime, this would create hydraulic lime ready to build with. The colours back then were limited to white, grey, black and red, however with today’s technology a mortar of any colour is possible using a range of coloured pigments and minerals.

Our tinting and matching works equally effectively on