In some fields, ‘consultancy’ is a term bandied around with too much freedom and too little genuine expertise to back it up. Not the case in ours, We simply offer advice to architects; contractors; commercial and private property owners etc. based on over three decades of hands-on specialist experience.

If you are ordering bricks or stone, we can help ensure you specify the type that really does best suit the building’s architectural aesthetics, immediate location and historic tradition. And when it comes to deciding on the pointing, we’ll know exactly which mortar and which style of pointing offers the most practical, functional and sympathetic finish. Similarly, we can advise on the mix, colour and texture of stucco and render; whether sandstone or limestone would be better suited to the project; which variety of marble etc. And if you’re not using us to do the work, we can provide a detailed brief to aid your project Manager and/or contractor.

For the sake of a copy of the plans, some of our time, a meeting and, if relevant, a site visit, a building’s restoration, extension or generation can be greatly enhanced.

If you would like to discuss how we could help finesse your project, please contact our founder, Chris Regan, on 01959 580360 or