Just like us, buildings need looking after. They are at the mercy of the elements and as they age, they lose their appearance and resistance and therefore their durability. Left untended, they will almost certainly end up needing significant repair and restoration; monitored and maintained, they can avoid the necessity of major surgery. That’s why we offer a range of maintenance services…

Pre-Planned Maintenance

If you own, or are responsible for, anything from a larger building to a property portfolio, Pre-Planned Maintenance provides cost-effective asset management. Advance scheduling of necessary work ensures buildings are kept sound, fit-for-purpose and functioning.

Preventative Inspections

Because major problems start as minor ones; and minor problems cost a lot less to put right, regular inspections avoid expensive – and avoidable – surprises.


And if a building does succumb to the effects of inattention or suffers an unforeseeable calamity (fire, flood, subsidence etc.), our team is ready and available to deal with your emergency.

Also, by arrangement, we offer a 24/7, 365 days a year emergency service with fast, any-day response to organisations, institutions and businesses that need this further assurance. Please contact us to discuss.