Private Residential


We know that letting contractors into your home requires great trust. A trust we have never betrayed in over 30 years of residential work…


The craftsmanship of sympathetic and historically accurate refurbishment or restoration brings a property back to life, helps its value appreciate and enhances its saleability. So whether your home is period, modern or newly built; listed or unlisted, our craftsmen can return it to its best.

We offer homeowners the same level of care, craftsmanship and value we provide to some of the most famous heritage buildings in the country including Lambeth Palace, the British Museum, the House of Commons, Hampton Court and even Windsor Castle. That care is detailed in our Statement of Best Practice:

Respecting You, Your Home & Your Property. A Statement of Best Practice

Always Professional…

As craftsmen, we only know the professional way – and we will never abandon your project to work on someone else’s.

Your Home, Your Brief

First we take the time to understand exactly what you want. The detail of the resulting no-obligation quotation reflects this care and attention – down to carefully explaining available options.

Regular, Reliable Communication

We will keep you advised of progress throughout. Our Clients are never left in the dark.

Clean, Tidy, Polite

We will treat your property like our own – and everyone in it with respect. And we will leave it at least as clean and tidy as we found it.

Safety First

All the chemicals we recommend are designed to be biodegradable and safe to animals and humans in use.

An Enviable Track Record

We have worked on countless homes, inside and out, and can provide references in support.

Fully Insured

We carry full public liability and employer’s insurance.

Full DBS Certificates

All our craftsmen carry a full DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) Certificate.

Making the most of a Period Property…

It’s not the actual age of a period property that makes it distinctive, special and appreciated, but the style, materials and detail set down by its architect. And that’s as true of Georgian town houses as it is of Victorian mansions, Arts & Crafts lodges, Art Deco villas, 1930’s semis and post-war experiments in brick, glass, steel and concrete.

Whatever the period of your home, those entrusted with its care require a detailed knowledge and understanding of the fundamental elements of its construction and aesthetic – which type of stone, which type of brick, which type of mortar or render, which finish for the pointing?

Even a task as seemingly mundane as cleaning requires knowledge and expertise. Cleaning with inappropriate equipment, incorrect chemicals or the wrong technique will remove far more than accumulated grime and necessitate potentially extensive repair.

As true craftsman we are dedicated to understanding and mastering the demands placed on us by centuries’ worth of varied architecture. To read more about houses during specific periods, click on the following Blog Posts:

Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

We are exceptionally well-placed to work on the cleaning, restoration or conservation of residential property deserving care.

New Buildings

Whether it is completely new structures or extensions to existing ones, if your featuring stone, brick or related materials, we can help. For our work on New Builds, please click HERE.

Detailed, Transparent Quotation – free and without obligation

We provide a detailed quotation that clearly shows all quantities and costs and identifies any aspects of the work requiring investigation. For example, if we are returning a building to a previous state, it may not be possible to evaluate condition until the hidden layers have been exposed.

  • If there are options, we cost and detail the alternatives so you can make an informed choice
  • As established specialists, we have considerable experience working for main contractors on larger, more extensive projects. We will be happy to work as your nominated sub-contractor on this basis
  • We only start or continue work when you have agreed the cost and we have been instructed to do so

Planned Maintenance

Please do get in touch if you think your property might benefit from regular, scheduled checks and/or maintenance, cleaning etc.

Planned Works

The list of works needed by older and/or larger properties can be a long one. To help budget for extended and/or extensive works, we are happy to discuss and establish a schedule of Planned Works with you. Such a schedule does not, of course, have to be continuous. Equally, it can be flexible to take advantage of weather, holidays etc.